Balance Negative Thoughts – Build Positivity

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Generalisations and general negative thoughts are the bain of a life coach. This worksheet will help your client understand their negative thoughts and emotions and give them space to identify a more positive reaction.

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No doubt you’ve come across clients that struggle to build positivity in their actions because of negative thoughts, or emotions. The most popular type of negative thought is ‘generalisations’. “I’ll never get it”, “I keep messing up”,  “This will never work”, etc.

And most of the problems come from them not realising they’re generating negative thought patterns in the first place. This client worksheet was designed to help with that.

The exercise is designed to help your client identify the negative thoughts their having, then give them the space to find better, more positive alternatives.

This worksheet was originally designed as a client homework exercise, although it can easily be used during a coaching session.


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