Build Your Own Client Welcome Pack

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Throughout the workbook, I’ll give you various ideas and inspiration, that’ll help you to understand exactly what YOUR client wants from YOUR Welcome Pack. There’s also examples and SEVEN fully brandable documents, for you to use in your own Welcome Pack.

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If you’re looking to purchase this Coaching Pack, I would guess that either,

  • you’re a brand new coach and you’re currently struggling to work out the type of information you’re supposed to include in a Client Welcome Pack,
  • or you’re currently a practising Coach, but you’re wondering if your current welcome pack could be stronger, or maybe enhanced to help more people understand why your coaching could be so helpful to them.

Every Coach will have a different target for their particular coaching niche; so therefore, your welcome pack will be slightly different to reflect your niche.

As well as this guide, in this Coaching Business Pack, you’ll also find seven, fully brandable documents you can edit and include in your own Welcome Pack.

  • Welcome Letter
  • Client Information Document
  • Life Satisfaction Survey
  • Pre-session Questionnaire
  • Client Coaching Session Prreparation Form
  • Coaching Agreement
  • Life Wheel Exercise


Whatever your individual pack contents are, you’ll always need a standard pack as a starting point to help you decide what should be in each one. That’s what this workbook is designed to provide.

Throughout the workbook, I’ll be providing you with various ideas and inspiration that’ll help you to understand exactly what YOUR client wants from YOUR Welcome Pack.

After each section, there’ll be an Assignment for you to complete. Complete all of the Assignments and by the end, your very own, uniquely designed welcome pack will be complete and ready to use

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1 review for Build Your Own Client Welcome Pack

  1. DaveB

    Thanks so much for this! I’ve been a full-time coach for a few months now, but I never had a welcome pack and I discussed everything on the telephone. This made everything so much easier for me. Now, rather than spending 30 minutes on the phone with a prospective client, I just spend 5 minutes talking to them, then send them a pack. Oh, and the sample letters and forms are amazing, they saved me so much time, especially the client agreement form. Thanks again!

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