Frequently Asked Questions

What Format are the Documents in?

To keep things simple, your downloaded documents are either in .PDF format, if they are for your reference only and .DOC format if they are editable documents for you to re-brand.

What is the page size of your Documents?

The brandable documents are provided in the A4 page format, although the page size can be changed to US letter in the ‘FORMAT > DOCUMENT’ section of Microsoft Word.

I don’t have Microsoft Word. How can I edit these documents?

We have deliberately provided our documents as .DOC files because this format seems to have the best reproduction when used with alternative document editors. We recommend that if you don’t have a copy of Microsoft Word, you download  a copy of LibreOffice ( It is completely free to download. It’s available for Windows, MacOS and Linux and will allow you to edit the documents exactly the way you would with Word.

How did you decide on your pricing?

On the face of it, these tools and documents may seem overly priced. But, they’re designed professionally and in the main, each one is priced at around of 5 minutes of your coaching time. Although they might sometimes seem quite simple, a lot of time is spent researching and designing the information, to make sure you get the most up-to-date and productive tools.


Do I own the copyright to the re-branded tools?

Unfortunately, the copyright to the tools remains with us at You do however, get a single-user licence to rebrand and use the tools with your clients. You can find out more about what you can and cannot do with these tools, by visiting our Product Terms & Conditions page.

How soon will I receive my Coaching Tools?

All of our Coaching Tools are available to download immediately after payment. If you set up an account, they’ll always be a copy in there too 🙂

Something went wrong during my purchase!

Nothing is ever perfect in this World. Things go wrong sometimes. If you have any kind of technical issue during your purchase, just contact us through the Contact Us page and let us know what happened. We can check through our end and help you find a resolution, no problem 🙂

Please help, I’m having a problem !?!

If something goes wrong with your purchase, or if your having issues making changes to it, please drop us an email using our Contact Us page. We’ll do whatever we can to help you 😉

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